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'CATS' PRODUCTION:  Local production of "Wonderful World of Cats" performed by Dance Express in Warren, PA. To help showcase their work, I created this video for the dancers and their parents.
VET-I-CARE POLO CHARITY:  This was a charity polo event to benefit a rescue animal program in New jersey.  

It is important for me to provide opportunities for others.  My philanthropic efforts support those projects that may not garner the widespread attention of the general pubic. In my small way, I hope to share their endeavors through my videos to help them achieve their goals. 
YOUTH FEST:  Teenagers in Staten Island participated in the Catholic day of prayer. To assist the organizers, I shot, edited and produced this video to showcase the days events.
FEARLESS FLYERS:  Meet a New York City cycling group that helps LGBT+ youths live better lives and free from isolation.